Samuel Ian Rosen

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

I am currently building a movement to eliminate the plastic water bottle from 🌍

I am also: 

  • The founder of MakeSpace, the category defining on-demand storage company

    • Under my leadership the company grew revenues from zero to several million per month

    • Raised over $60MM from premier venture capitalists including Ashton Kutcher, Carmelo Anthony, Collaborative Fund, Founders Fund, Harmony Venture Partners, lowercase capital, Nas, OATV, Primary Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures, 8VC

    • Grew the organization to 300 employees across 4 cities

  • A thematic angel investor in startups.

    • Themes:

      • The future is female. Female led companies and female focused products

      • Mapping and load balancing the physical world, in particular smart cities, as we race to 20 billion people on Earth

      • Ending Cyber Buillying so that β€œon the internet, you’re no longer a dog”

      • Eliminating plastic - from seaweed packaging to bacteria that eat plastic β€” so that we can clean our oceans

      • Harnessing the power of the ocean for energy and food

      • The future of education via the return of guildsman/craftsmanship

  • A scout for LightSpeed Venture Partners

  • A member of the Board of Directors at the Gift of Life Marrow Foundation

I have a thirst for lifelong learning, inspired by the principles of Thomas Jefferson during my studies at The University of Virginia, and adventure from my summers at camp in New Hampshire and Minnesota.

I am personally interested in: 

  • Climate change

  • Opioid epidemic and the impact on music, art, and culture

  • The great outdoors and connection to nature

  • The wellness improvements for a sedentary society

  • Yoga and mindfulness

  • The end of product obsolescence


I’m grateful to so many of my teachers: Ms. White, Dr. Wein, Mr. Bermel, Mr. Russoniello, Ms. Knoll, Ms. Hamburger, Ms. Steiner, Ms. Turner, and most importantly β€” my family.